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School Advisory Board

Next SAB Meeting is Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 3:30 p.m.

AUS School Advisory Board (SAB)

The mission and laws of the School Advisory Board is listed in the SAB bylaws. Please click on the link below to view. Changes in the bylaws must be approved by both the school Director and the SAB before they take effect.

SAB Overview

SAB Organization

The School Advisory board meets a minimum of 3 times per year October through May. During the first year of inception (2015-16 SY) meetings may occur monthly. Members of the AUS community are encouraged to apply for membership. Membership applications are reviewed and accepted every fall at the start of each academic year. Click the link below for further details and to apply.

SAB Members

AUS Advisory Board can consist of fifteen to twenty members, some voting members elected and/or appointed by the school community, some serving ex-officio, and others will be selected based on their affiliation and relationship with AUS. The Members are nominated and elected for 2 years terms.



Ms. Amani Abulhasan, Co-Chair

Ms. Lama AlBabtain, Co-Chair

Mr. Nawaf Arhama, Vice Chair

Mr. Mijbil AlAyoub, Public Relations Liaison & PTSO Rep.

Nicole Arnulphy, Secretary & ES Teacher Representative

Voting Members:

Ms. Reem AlMazidi, ES Parents Rep.

Ms. Tammy Ali, MS Parents Rep.

Ms. Huda AlShammari, HS Parents Rep.

Ms. Wadha Mohammad, HS Student/ Student Council President

Ms. Teeb AlBader, HS Student/ Student Council Vice President

Ms. Tarina Speidel , U.S. Embassy Representative

Mr. Rajesh Puri , Schlumberger Representative

Ms. Rachel Eckelson, MS Teacher Representative

Ms. Candice Warzecha, HS Teacher Representative

Non-Voting Members:

Jennifer J. Beckwith, Ph.D. , Founding Director

Mr. Michael Wininger , Assoc. Director for Educational Tech. and Accountability

Ms. Brenda Clements, HS Principal

Ms. Kelly Buffurine, MS Principal

Ms. Taryn Pereira, ES Principal

SAB Bylaws


The objective of the School Advisory Board (SAB) is to uphold the school vision and mission for the present and the future, and to work cooperatively and effectively with AUS administration for the improvement of the school.


The roles and duties of the SAB are to provide strategic guidance and support on the school’s overall progress, to be an advocate for ALL students, and to be actively involved in the school improvement and accreditation process. The SAB always demonstrates diversity in discussion and unity in action.


The SAB will consist of fifteen to twenty members, including voting members elected and/or appointed by the school community, ex-officio members, and others to be appointed based on their affiliation and relationship with AUS. The members are nominated and elected for two year terms.


The SAB will consist of four officers: Chairperson, Co-Chair, Public Relations Liaison and Secretary. The four officers will be elected within the SAB by all the voting members. School administrators cannot hold any officer role on the SAB.


The School Advisory Board shall meet a minimum of four times per year. The scheduled dates and times for these meetings will be agreed on by the members at the first meeting of the SAB each school year. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed in coordination with all board members. A schedule of meetings will be posted on the AUS website.

Meeting Agendas will be sent electronically prior to each meeting to all members and Meeting Minutes will be distributed after each meeting.


An ad hoc policy and procedures review committee shall be formed annually to review the board bylaws, general policies, and operating procedures. The committee shall be elected from the board membership. Any changes to policy, procedure, or bylaws will be presented to the board for approval.


Advisory Board Committees are:

  • 1.Strategic Planning Committee
  • 2.School Improvement and Accreditation Committee
  • 3.Marketing and Public Relations Committee
  • 4.Nominating Committee
  • 5.Adhoc committees (convene as needed)

SAB Committees

o Strategic Planning Committee:

To assist the school administration in developing, executing, assessing and, as necessary, modifying the school's strategy for long-term growth.

o School Improvement and Accreditation Committee
To improve the school’s overall quality by providing recommendations and ideas to the School Administration, and to support the school in achieving compliance with the accreditation standards.

o Marketing and Public Relations Committee
The committee is concerned with the School's standing, promotion, and relationships with its public audiences, including other schools, the community and the government.

o Nominating Committee
The committee takes applications and reviews candidates who want to be members of the Advisory Board. They recommend a slate of candidates.

o Adhoc committees (convene as needed)

School Year 2015 - 2016 Minutes

School Year 2016 - 2017 Minutes

School Year 2017 - 2018 Minutes

School Year 2018 - 2019 Minutes

School Year 2019-2020 Minutes