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From the Director

Welcome to the American United School of Kuwait

Parents, students and friends…welcome back to American United School of Kuwait for the 2023-2024 school year.

As students, families, and friends return to campus, please take a moment to reflect on last year’s success.

From the very first day and throughout the entire 2 semesters, last year measured up to be an exceptional year in the life of our students. I cannot recall a better time nor a better place.

So the question I ask, to you the student, to you the family, to you the staff.  What can you do to BUILD on the positive experiences for our AUS students and community?  I know that TOGETHER we can continue to maximize student growth and student life.

Parents, family and friends continue to show up and support our students, wherever they gather.  Athletics, the arts, special events, and the classroom, come and show your support.  Encourage your student to compete on a team, perform on stage, enroll in an AP course, join the Global Online Academy.  Let us all agree to continue the promise of a full student life experience.

Our guiding principle is “Learning - Anytime, Anywhere.”  AUS continues to evolve and provide value added experiences.  Just as stone sharpens steel, we will continue to sharpen, continue to hone, continue to refine our curriculum, our athletics, our activities to a superior razor-like edge resulting in the best possible student centered learning environment.

I remind parents and students about the REAL MADRID partnership and the football academy, the AUS gymnastic academy, and the REAL Clubs which are up and running earlier this school year and we invite your students to participate. Check the website for more details.

I look forward to welcoming you back to campus and the 2023-2024 school year,

Michael J Wininger, Director