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Applications to AUS are only available online. You will need to create an account so that you can login and submit the online application for admission. You will also be required to submit the following documents with the online application:

  • Applicant’s passport
  • If applying for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten a report card is not required.
  • If applying for 1st grade, the most recent report card is required.
  • If applying for 2nd to 12th grade, the end of year report card for the previous academic year and the most recent report card are required.

The online application for admission will be reviewed once all documents are received.

You will be notified by email with the results of the application review. If the applicant meets the initial requirements, he/she will be invited to complete an assessment.


If the applicant is invited to complete an assessment, a non-refundable assessment fee of KWD 125* must be paid to receive an assessment date.

* This fee will not be applied towards tuition upon acceptance.

Assessment information for Elementary School (Pre-K to 5th Grade):

1. For Pre-K and K - we use a research based developmentally appropriate assessment that measures a child’s readiness in the following areas:

  • Language Development, Cognitive Development, Physical Development, Reading Readiness (for five year-old only) and Social - Emotional Development.

This assessment will last approximately 1 hour.

2. For 1st and 2nd grade - A research - based individually administered standardized academic assessment that measures: Reading, Writing and Math.

3. For 3rd to 5th grade - we use a research based electronic assessment called the Measurement of Academic Progress or (MAP). The MAP measures an applicant’s grade level equivalent in:

  • Reading (all grade levels)
  • Mathematics (all grade levels)
The assessment will also include a writing assessment.

This assessment will last approximately 2 hours.

Assessment information for MS,FA & HS (6th to 12th Grade):

6th – 12th grade applicants will be administered a computer based assessment on mathematical concepts, language usage, and reading. The MAP entrance assessment provides individual data of each students’ approximate grade level of achievement. In addition, students will partake in an interview screening, consisting of oral language, interpersonal skills and will culminate with a writing/essay of the entrance process. Students will be scored based on content, organization, and grammar usage.

This entire assessment will last approximately 2 - 3 hours.

Confidential Student Reference Form (CSR)

The application/admissions process requires the completion of the Confidential Student Reference form (CSR) (required only for 6th to 12th grade students). Provide this form to your child’s current school, the form must be completed and sent directly to AUS by the student’s current school via email or fax. The assessment result will not be issued until this document is received.

CSR Form

Admission Decision & Completion of Registration

All students assessments will be reviewed by the Admission/Placement Committee, and an email notification of the Committee’s decision will be sent within 7 days. (If CSR received)

If accepted, you must return to the online application to complete the Registration Form and upload the additional required documents.

A deposit of KD 100 is to be paid within 3 days of completing the Registration Form to secure enrollment at AUS. If the deposit fee is not paid within 3 days the application will be withdrawn.

Once the deposit is received applicants will be required to take an Arabic Language and/or English Language Learner placement assessment. These assessments must be carried out to complete the registration process.

The following documents must be submitted to AUS before the first day of school:

  • Final report card from current school.
  • Transfer Certificate (if transferring from a school within Kuwait).
  • Clearance Certificate (if transferring from a school within Kuwait).
  • Medical Card
  • Payment of tuition*
  • Waiver Form for Arabic Foreign Language (AFL) class - If you are enrolling your child in AFL class & your child is registered with an Arab nationality, then a Waiver Form from the Ministry of Private Education is required.

*All student fees and charges are paid one week prior to their first day of school. Should a parent decide to participate in the Deferred Payment Plan, the parent must pay 50% of their child/children’s tuition prior to their first day of school.