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Child Protection Policies & Procedures

American United School is committed to ensuring that the safety and security of our students are our top priority. AUS follows and adheres to child protection mandates and guidelines as stipulated by the Kuwait National Child Protection (KNCRP) Program, which passed into Kuwait law March 2015. It is our responsibility to make certain that all stakeholders are cognizant of this fact, as well. The policy objectives seek to outline strategies ensuring that:

  • All employees, board members, owners, school leaders, staff, students, parents, and volunteers understand and are held accountable for the highest ethical standards in their conduct;
  • Mandated reporters in particular, must adhere to legal mandates and the moral imperative to recognize, report, and prevent suspected child abuse and neglect;
  • Children who are alleged victims of abuse and/or neglect are supported;
  • Human resource management systems and processes for screening new and existing employees are developed;
  • Professional learning for AUS’ employees is developed and implemented; and
  • Opportunities are being developed for parents, volunteers, and the broader community to develop awareness on recognizing, reporting, and preventing abuse and neglect of children.

Child abuse, as defined by the Kuwait National Child Protection Program, “constitutes all forms of physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, actual, potential and suspected abuse, neglect, or negligent treatment, commercial or other exploitation, or serious deprivation resulting in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, survival, development, or dignity in the context of relationships or responsibility, trust or power.” It refers to any person of 18 years of age or younger.

Kuwait law and the Kuwait Child Protection Program specifies that all “school teachers” are mandated reporters, meaning that they are legally obliged to report suspected child abuse. In addition, AUS elaborates on that definition by mandating any AUS employee to report suspected child abuse if they have reasonable suspicion or knowledge that child abuse is/has occurred. The employee is required to make a report to the school Child Protection Officer (C.P.O.).