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Nutrition Mission

The AUS School’s “Eating Right Now” program makes healthful eating an important part of the school culture both in the cafeteria and at home.

Today’s students will likely eat more than 4,000 school meals by the time they graduate from high school. With each meal comes the opportunity to support one of our schools’ core mission for education: to promote the health and well-being of our communities locally and globally, as well as prepare our students to be outstanding, innovative, and diverse public health leaders. Studies consistently document a powerful connection between health and academic achievement. A vast body of research shows that improved nutrition in schools can lead to increased focus and attention, improved test scores and better classroom behavior. Very simply, healthy, well-nourished students are more likely to attend school and to be engaged and ready to learn.

Nutritious and appealing school meals can also guide students toward a lifelong relationship with healthy food. At AUS our menu always offers a number of vegetarian options as well as fresh fruit and low-fat vegetable side dishes. Our main goal is providing students with an understanding of how food can be both healthy and delicious, so that these eating habits will continue throughout their lives. The food choices are environmentally, ethically, and healthfully sound, serving such foods as nutrient–dense leafy greens and fresh herbs. Our diversity encourages traditional as well as ethnic dishes to promote diverse diets.

AUS has a number of nutrition goals that include, but are not limited to, fresh fruits and vegetables served every day, salad bars, and healthful living instructional pedagogy so students can also learn about the impact and significance of healthy Eating Right Now!

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