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Counseling & Psychological Services

With the motto “AUS…A better choice!” the goal of our Learning Support Services Department is to support students emotionally and socially in all aspects of the school environment. AUS offers comprehensive full service academic and social emotional support for ALL students. With the experience and expertise of our qualified Learning Support Services Staff, AUS supports students and families as they navigate through academic and social challenges that students face during their schooling.

On the elementary school level, the counselor develops and delivers age appropriate guidance lessons related to character education and social-emotional learning, as well as provides individual, small group, and one on one guidance and counseling support to students and parents. The Elementary Counselor serves as a liaison between home and school to address overall school grades, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional issues impacting school achievement. This level of ongoing support is provided through our Student Success Team (SST) process where home and school work collaboratively short term to ensure students at risk receive both home and school interventions needed to help them make short term improvements.

Our School Psychologist conducts a variety of educational and psychological screenings to ensure students receive the care and support needed to be a successful and confident learner. This level of support is another key component of the Student Success Team process.

Counseling Handbook