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Meet our Teachers


Mahogony Grandison

Pre-K Teacher

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education, Elementary Certified

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama U.S.A.

Background: I attended the University of North Alabama. I am continually advancing my education through ongoing Professional Development and college courses. I have been teaching Lower Elementary my entire teaching career. Prior to coming to Kuwait I taught in the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am excited to join the AUS family. I am here to meet every student where they are and to take them further than they ever could imagine.

Gynger Forbess

Pre-K Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Elementary Education; Certification in Early Childhood Administration; Certification in Middle School Social Studies

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Background: With over 35 years of experience in education, 10 of them in Kuwait, I am thrilled to continue my educational journey at AUS. My experience includes teaching three years olds, Kindergartners, 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th grades. I have also experience as a math coach, instructional coach and a mentor for new teachers. I am the proud mother to three adult children and am working on being the best grandmother in the world to my new grandson. I believe learning is a lifelong process and love watching children grow and learn. I am looking forward to the treasures this year will bring!

Nicole Arnulphy

Pre-K Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science; Post Graduate Certificate in Education Primary (K-6)

Hometown: Hong Kong

Background: I have been working in the Education field for over twenty years in various roles teaching Sports, English, Scuba Diving, Outdoor Education and as a classroom teacher. During this time I taught both adults and children of all ages. My experience working with young children inspired me to complete my teacher training with a postgraduate teaching qualification in Australia. Throughout the decade since I have worked as a full time teacher with children ages three to six, developing a strong foundation in early years education which focuses on inquiry through play.
We are preparing children for an ever changing future, so it is our job to motivate and empower them with the skills to innovate, discover and learn. I work hard to provide individualized, differentiated inquiry based learning to develop independent, forward-thinking individuals. I constantly strive to motivate and inspire students through dynamic learning experiences and am dedicated to making sure each child in my class reaches their full potential.
Alongside academic learning, I believe it is crucial to ensure children’s well-being, as this shapes the emotional and physical strength that they will carry throughout their lives. Within my class I establish routines and activities, such as daily yoga, physical activities, mindfulness practice and attitude of gratitude. I encourage open discussions about thoughts and feelings and work hard to foster an environment where each child feels safe, confident and valued.

Randeshia Henry

Pre-K Teacher

Degree(s): Master of Science in Education with a focus in Reading and Literacy, Walden University; Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Prairie View A&M University

Hometown: Dallas, TX, U.S.A.

Background: Originally from Terrell, Texas. I taught Pre-Kindergarten for three years and Kindergarten for two years, all in Dallas Independent School District. I am extremely excited to achieve my dream of teaching abroad. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at AUS. Outside of the classroom I enjoy reading and traveling.

Herminia Mondelo

Pre-K Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Elementary Education with Preschool Specialization

Hometown: Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines

Background: After I graduated, I spent my years teaching the kinder/pre-k students in the Philippines. I devoted most of my time teaching them skills in different fields as they needed. I also administered tutoring program after class hours in our school. I also enjoyed spending time with my family.

Patricia Apolinar

Pre-K Co-Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Major in Special Education

Hometown: Philippines

Background: After graduating from Saint Louis University, I worked as an ESL teacher at HELP Academy. A year after getting my teaching license, I started teaching in a formal school setting. I am also an active Child-Life Coordinator volunteer at KYTHE Foundation for 8 years where we do literacy programs for out of school kids who are diagnosed with cancer. I also have been involved with voluntary works in an orphanage where we assist the kids with special learning needs.

Primrose Casin

Pre-K Co-Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in English (2005), Ateneo de Naga University Special Education at the University of Nueva Caceres (2008)

Hometown: Naga City, Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines

Background: I have been teaching grade six in public school in Naga City for eight years. While teaching as a public school teacher, I have the opportunity to become a volunteer SPED teacher for two years in Fatima Catholic Church for children with different disabilities.

Somarie Joseph

Pre-k Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education/ Early Childhood Specialization, The National Teachers College, Manila, Philippines

Hometown: Pasig City , Philippines

Background: I believe that being a teacher is an opportunity to motivate children to be the best that they can be that’s why I decided to take this path. After graduation, I started to pursue my career, got my license and taught in Pre-Kindergarten level for three years. I was also actively involved in outreach and reading enhancement programs for pupils who needed remedial help in reading. Every single moment with the children is priceless. It's always a new adventure, full of challenges and excitement.


Brooklyn Dowdy

KG Teacher

Degree(s):Masters of Arts Teaching in Elementary Education, Bachelors of Science in Sociology, Certification in Elementary Education, Social Services, Endorsement in Gifted Education

Hometown: Athens, Georgia U.S.A.

Background: Becoming an Educator has always been a dream. Teaching abroad, learning about different cultures, and their perspective in Education has been a major goal. I pursued this goal by attending University of West Georgia and obtained my Bachelors of Science in Sociology. Later, I attended Piedmont College and obtained a Masters of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education along with an endorsement in Gifted Education. I believe that instruction should mirror the diversity in the classroom. Every student has the ability to learn and reach success. I am here to make it happen!

Melinda Lee

KG Teacher

Degree(s): Master in Education in Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation, Northwest Nazarene University, Boise, Idaho USA. Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT USA.

Hometown: Boise, Idaho U.S.A.

Background: I am super excited to be teaching in Kuwait at AUS. I began my teaching career in the US state of Idaho. I have taught in both upper and lower elementary grades. I have lived in 7 countries and enjoy living and teaching internationally. I strongly believe in creating a positive classroom environment where students feel welcomed and included. I strive to help learners reach their full potential by encouraging them to develop the skills and tools needed to be successful. I endeavor to instill my love of learning to those around me. I am currently pursuing my Ed.S in Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

Kathy Sanders

KG Teacher

Degree(s): Master of Science in Education (Multicultural/Urban)-Kansas State University, Bachelor of Science in Education-Emporia State University

Hometown: Olathe, KS (suburb of Kansas City, MO, U.S.A.)

Background: My passion the past thirty-four years has been working with culturally, economically, and linguistically diverse students/families. I believe building bridges between others while celebrating the many similarities and differences is of the utmost importance. My first experience was in Harlingen, TX where I taught departmentalized 6th grade. My second experience was in Olathe, KS where I taught 3rd and 4th grade.

Like a beautiful tapestry interwoven with respect, love, cooperation and understanding, we are global citizens stitched together by the strong relationships cultivated with one another. Our kindergarten motto, “Choose KIND” will help inspire our students; individually and collectively we represent many different cultures, personalities, abilities, and talents, and how we treat each other makes a difference!

Katie McCabe

KG Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from High Point University, High Point, NC, USA; Master of Education in Elementary Education Concentration in STEM from High Point University, High Point, NC, USA

Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts

Background: I was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA and am excited to be following my dream and teaching abroad at AUS in Kuwait. My favorite part of teaching is working with children in a diverse setting, creating engaging hands-on activities that excite students, and seeing children become more confident in their abilities. I enjoy traveling around the world and exploring different cultures, markets, and landscapes. In my free time I like to do photography, puzzles and crafts, and go hiking.

Stephanie Jalghoom

KG Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Academic Studies with Minor in Early Childhood EC-4, ESL - Sam Houston State University

Hometown: Houston, TX, U.S.A.

Background: After graduating from college, I spent 8 years teaching in Houston, Texas. I taught children in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. After teaching 8 years in my hometown, I moved to the Middle East and have taught the last 3 years overseas. My passion is teaching children in Early Childhood, building strong relationships in the classroom, and making sure that all my students feel valued and find that love for life long learning.

Ross Kudemus

KG Co-Teacher

Degrees: BSEd – English, University of Bohol, Tagbilaran City CAR, MA English and MAED PET , University of Bohol, Tagbilaran City

Hometown: Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Background: I worked as an English Teacher for nine years in the Philippines. This is my 2nd year working at AUS and I really enjoy being in Kuwait. Apart from teaching, I engage in sports activities.

Ma. Vanessa Echalas

KG Co-teacher

Degrees: Master in Science Teaching major in General Science (Bicol University Graduate School, Philippines), Bachelor of Elementary Education with specialization in General Science (Bicol University College of Education, Philippines)

Hometown: Albay, Philippines

Background: I've been in the teaching field for 9 years in a public school in the Philippines. I was first assigned as a first grade teacher and was eventually transferred to grades 4, 5 and 6 as a Science teacher. It is my privilege to be part of AUS. I know that it is a great platform for my professional career to work in this prestigious institution.

Michelle Elbo

KG Co-Teacher

Degree: B.S in Elementary Education, Mondriaan Aura College, Subic Bay Freefort Zone

Hometown: Matain, Subic, Zambales, Philippines

Background: I taught Toddler, Nursery and Kindergarten in the Philippines for 5 years . I really enjoy working with young children. I love helping them learn and grow that gives me a sense of worth and fulfillment.

Kristinelle Sabandal

KG Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor in Elementary Education with Certificate in Pre-School Education, Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines

Hometown: Philippines

Background: I have been in the field of education for 9 years, I have taught in public and private schools. I make learning easy in by incorporating technology into lessons. I’m proud and extremely excited to be a part of the AUS team!

Christine Oredina

KG Co-Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Elementary In Education Major in Special Education, Saint Louis University, Philippines; Masters of Elementary in Education Major in Early Childhood Education (1 year)

Hometown: Baguio City, Philippine

Background: After working for two years as a Preschool teacher at Phases Learning Center, I continued my teaching journey at Saint Louis University Elementary School as a grade one teacher. In my stay at SLU-LES for two years, I was also given the tasks to be one of the Moderators of Arts Club and Troop Leader of KAB Scout. This year is another great teaching opportunity for me because I am joining the AUS Family. I am equally happy and excited to teach at AUS.

Grade 1

Regina Harville

1st Grade Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Louisiana State University of Shreveport

Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Background: I have been teaching for over 10 years in the United States. I have taught for the same school district since 2005. I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th grade throughout the years.

Anitra Payton

1st Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction; Certification in Early Childhood-4th Grade, Certification in ESL

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Background: My motto is, “All scholars can learn and will do so each day!” Making a direct impact on the lives of scholars and their families is my calling. Creating a welcoming, safe, energetic, and student-centered classroom environment is a priority! For 13 years I have dedicated myself as a classroom teacher in both the public and private school setting. During my tenure as an educator, I have had the privilege to teach in an early childhood- 4th grade science lab, early childhood-4th grade self-contained setting, and serve as an Intervention Assistance Team Coordinator. Your scholar is important to me and I'm excited to learn and grow with him or her over the next school year!

Yneikia Toney

1st Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from Albany State University; Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Albany State University; Certification in Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Albany, Georgia U.S.A

Background: Greetings! I have several years of teaching experience with children from diverse backgrounds. I have an unwavering commitment and passion to educational excellence. I believe that all children can learn and will learn when given the right environment and appropriate resources. My goal is to help my students reach their full potential and use their gifts/talents to make their community and world a better place. I am elated to join the AUS team and community. I look forward to serving the educational needs of my students.

Calya Williams

1st Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA; Achieved National Board Certification, (2002), USA

Hometown: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Background: I have enjoyed being an elementary educator for many years. Creating a balanced and exciting learning environment in which students can thrive and discover their individual talents, is my passion! I am so honored to be a part of the AUS family, and I look forward to meeting my new students!

Amanda Hogan

1st Grade Teacher

Degree: Master of Science in Education from the University of Kansas with an endorsement in TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas.

Hometown: Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S.A.

Background: Throughout my almost 20 year teaching career I have taught Kindergarten and 3rd Grade and 1st Grade. I have been teaching in Kuwait for almost 15 years. My extensive time in the community has allowed me the opportunity to build relationships with many families of the students that I have taught and I have even had the pleasure to teach multiple students from some of those same families. I look forward to working with your student and helping them grow throughout the year.

Nina Suarez

1st Grade Co-Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education-Drafting Major, Bicol University, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

Hometown: Batang, Ligao City Albay, Philippines

Background: I spent 5 years teaching 7th grades in private school in Manila Philippines and continued my dedication and commitment in teaching 5th grades in public school in my hometown, Ligao City Bicol Region for 7 years. I taught Technology and Home Economics, English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Arts. Teaching is my passion. I enjoy spending time teaching young souls. I have a great appreciation in arts, nature and I love traveling. My journey in education and love for nurturing kids will continue in American United School Kuwait.

Christina Caacbay

1st Grade Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, Pangasinan State University- Lingayen, Pangasinan; Master of Arts in Educational Management, Luna Colleges, Inc. Tayug, Pangasinan

Hometown: Asingan, Pangasinan

Background: I have 11 years experience in the elementary division of the Department of Education, Philippines.

Marites Perez

1st Grade Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Elementary Education - Dominican College of Tarlac,Philippines Graduate Coarswork: Working towards Master of Arts in Educational Management - Saint Anthony College of Technology Mabalacat Pampanga, Philippines)

Hometown: Bamban, Tarlac Philippines

Background: After passing the Philippine Licensure Examination for Teachers in August 2002, I started teaching 1st Grade in Air Force City Clarkfield, Pampanga, Philippines and taught 6th grade. After 2 years of teaching in the same school, I was appointed as an Assistant School Administrator and later promoted as the School Principal in the same year. In 2009 until early 2017, I served as a public school teacher in Tarlac, Philippines. I taught 6th grade and was assigned as the school’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Consultant, Finance Manager and Science Leader. Being in the field of education for 14 years, I am challenged to continue my passion in teaching and make it more momentous at AUS….the better choice.

Kerstine Locre

1st Grade Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Elementary Education - Teaching in the Early Grades, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City Graduate Coursework: working towards Masters of Arts in Education - Reading, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Hometown: Albay, Philippines

Background: In the Philippines I taught in a progressive school, where the primary focus of education is on the development of the whole child. I have been trained to teach kids with this philosophy in mind. I am also an advocate of reading education and literacy. I always try to incorporate reading in my classes because I believe that it is a reliable foundation in learning new concepts and skills on many, if not all subject areas. Filled with inspiration, I am eager to further enhance my talents and creativity every school year. As teaching and learning spontaneously go hand in hand, I am thrilled, not only teach kids, but also to learn from them and from my colleagues.

Zeinab Moran

1st Grade Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Secondary Education in English from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig, Philippines; Earned units in Master of Arts in Language Education from University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Hometown: Pasig City, NCR, Philippines

Background: Before coming to Kuwait, I worked with 1st and 4th grade students for half a year in a Christian School in Antipolo, Rizal and taught Language and Literature in 7th through 9th grade students for 5 years in a known exclusive Catholic school for girls in Pasig City. I also did a training for young journalists in the Editorial Cartooning category. I find it fulfilling to be working with young learners, and I consider every day with them as an opportunity to help them grow and develop into academically competitive and socially responsible individuals. Here in AUS, I know I can do more and I can give more of that passion to my students. I am happy to be here!

Grade 2

Ashley Bushell

2nd Grade Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts- Elementary Education, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, Master of Education- Administration and Supervision, Southern Wesleyan University, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Hometown: Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

Background: Upon graduating from college, I taught 5th grade in Charleston, South Carolina for one year. The following year I moved to back to Columbia, South Carolina where I taught 2nd grade for four years. I then got married and moved to Dallas, Texas teaching 3rd grade Math and Science for one year. My hobbies include reading, traveling and participating in culinary experiences.

Laura Barbe

2nd Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education- Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.

Background: My teaching career began in Kicevo, Macedonia teaching English to primary school students through Peace Corps for 2 years. I then joined the international school circuit teaching Year 3 at a British school in Bucharest, Romania for 2 years. Through my experience teaching internationally, I have worked with different curricula, cultures and learning styles and have learned to adapt the classroom to each set of students. I am excited for this opportunity to experience a new culture and work with the children here.

Sarah Bushnag

2nd Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education - University of Arizona

Hometown: Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.

Background: My name is Sarah and my teaching career began 11 years ago. I have taught in the U.S., Bahrain and Kuwait. I have taught 1st grade for four years and 2nd grade for 7 years. I have two children of my own and I am glad to be back in Kuwait again. I am also excited about being part of the AUS family and look forward to getting to know my students.

Amre Soleman

2nd Grade Teacher

Degrees: Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction (TESL—Teaching English as a Second Language)—University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA
Bachelor of Science in Education & Bachelor of Science in French— Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, Missouri, USA

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Background: Twenty-Six years of teaching experience all within the Kansas City Missouri Public Schools. Taught English reading, math, science, social studies, and French in Kindergarten through 5thgrade. Love working with children and helping them develop into the multi-culturally sensitive, productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Enjoy tennis, table-tennis, and photography.

Kaitlyn Kandray

2nd Grade Teacher

Degrees: Master of Arts in Teaching (K-6) - Belmont University; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Drake University

Hometown: Johnsburg, IL, USA

Background: My teaching career began seven years ago in Busan, South Korea, in an English classroom at the middle school level. In the United States, I worked in Des Moines, Iowa, where I was a volunteer math and reading interventionist for AmeriCorps, as well as a 4th grade teacher. I have also taught 2nd grade in Bucaramanga, Colombia. I am excited to be joining AUS and am looking forward to meeting my students!

Vivian Patricio

2nd Grade Co-Teacher

Degree: B.S in Elementary Education, University of Caloocan, Philippines

Hometown: Philippines

Background: A dedicated, inspiring and committed Pre-School teacher for 6 years. I am happy and proud that this brand new position at AUS will continue with my dream of teaching today’s children.

Mary Polis

2nd Grade Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Elementary Education (General Education), Canossa College, Philippines

Hometown: Laguna, Philippines

Background: I was a 4th grade teacher for 8 years and a 6th grade teacher for two years. These experiences honed me as a teacher with love, compassion and care for the pupils I am teaching. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and working with the best team of teachers in Kuwait!

Ruby On

2nd Grade Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bukidnon State University

Hometown: Medina, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Background: I was a 6th grade teacher for a year in the Philippines and fourteen years here in Kuwait as teacher in 1st, 2nd and 5th grades . Teaching is an opportunity to bring out the best in every child through understanding the uniqueness of each child. I am very excited to be a part of the AUS team and look forward to the new school year!

Joyce Ternio

2nd Grade Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Elementary Education with Specialization in English; Philippine Normal College, Manila Philippines.
Completed the requirements for Masters of Arts in Reading; Philippine Normal University, Manila Philippines.

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Background: I have been teaching for 26 years , 19 years in the Philippines and 7 years here in Kuwait. I was a Master Teacher in English and Journalism in the Division of Manila before I came to Kuwait in 2007. I was a demonstration teacher, a curriculum writer and a resource speaker back in the Philippines. I believe that students learn best when they are motivated, when they see meaning in what they are doing and when they have fun while learning.

Elgie Mifranum

2nd Grade Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Elementary Education - Lourdes College Graduate Coursework: Working towards Master in Elementary Education with a major in Educational Management

Hometown: Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Background: After college, I taught Mathematics and English subjects in 1st grade to 4th grade for two years. For next two years, I taught Mathematics and Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE) subjects in 6th grade. Aside from teaching, I also love sports, travels and adventures.

Grade 3

Tryla Green

3rd Grade Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Winston-Salem State University. Master in Educational Leadership (K-12) from Gardner-Webb University

Hometown: Winston Salem, North Carolina

Background: I began my educational career in December of 1999. Since them I have had the fortune to teach kindergarten, second grade, third grade, third – fifth grade science and a primary reading teacher. I have also been able to direct an after school tutoring program as well as tutoring students in elementary mathematics and reading skill. I am traveling to Kuwait with one son. This is our first time living abroad. My goal as an educator is to inspire students to set goals, teach them to plan their work and then to work their plans in order achieve their goals.

Sonya Johnson

3rd Grade Teacher

Degree: Master of Education in Special Education, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Shorter University, Rome, Georgia

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina U.S.A.

Background: I have been an educator for the last 15 years in the United States in both mainstream and special education environments in elementary and middle schools. I believe above anything else that a teacher needs to have a genuine passion and desire to help students and to make a difference in the lives of their students. All children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I am a proud mother of two beautiful children. I look forward to working with our students for the school year!

Charles Lofink

3rd Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelors of Elementary Education Associates Degree in Liberal arts

Hometown: Granite City, Illinois U.S.A.

Background: As an educator my career traces its roots to my days in high school as a youth teen club leader and youth referee. Since then, I have evolved into a professional educator with over a decade of teaching experience across multiple countries. My teaching license is from kindergarten to grade eight.

I believe that children learn best in an environment that engages their active knowledge through full exposure and immersion. I affirm that children benefit the most from their education through constructive play, teamwork and engaging scenario-based tasks. A supportive social structure and healthy exercise routine are also invaluable components of a successful educational atmosphere. I'm very pleased to be a member at AUS and to be part of such a great atmosphere. I strongly believe that AUS is a better choice.

Kimberly Young

3rd Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in English - Xavier University of Louisiana

Hometown: Memphis, TN, U.S.A.

Background: I come with experience teaching Elementary Reading Language Arts and Social Studies in Memphis, TN and serving as Elementary Language Arts and Special Education Teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am passionate about educational equality, elementary literacy, and holistic child development. I enjoy creating a positive classroom culture conducive to learning where my students feel welcomed, have a voice, and become leaders in the process. It is my philosophy that all children can be excited about learning and make significant academic gains when given the proper resources, engaging multi-sensory lessons, differentiated instruction, and high expectations.

Kira Malatchi

3rd Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - University of Colorado, Boulder
Elementary Education Certification K-6 - University of North Carolina

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Background: I have been in the field of education for a little over eight years now and have been teaching internationally for all of my career. I have experience teaching through the curriculum framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in Grade 2 and Grade 3, and most recently I have been teaching through the Middle Years Program in English Language Acquisition for Grade 10 students. I also have experience working as an English as an Additional Language support teacher.

I bring with me a passion for life-long learning, a nurturing soul, and an energetic attitude. Through extensive professional development and teaching experiences, I have learned to build a unique, individualized educational journey for my students through inquiry and concept-based instruction. In my classroom I see my role as a teacher being more about facilitating the learning rather than a direct teaching approach. With my continued guidance and support, I create space for student inquires and they are in the driver’s seat to unpack their own learning. I am passionate about making sure the students in my class feel safe and secure and I place importance on the student holistically so they can see how much they have grown in all aspects of their life. I am excited to join the AUS family and be part of such a great educational atmosphere!

Grade 4

Nasreen Alhassan

4th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education; Certification in Mathematics

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Background: My name is Nasreen Alhassan. I am from Dearborn, Michigan. I studied elementary education with a concentration in mathematics at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I came to Kuwait as a novice educator in 2016, and have since then learned so much! My goal was to go beyond borders and teach abroad so that in doing so, I can also learn. My passion for education far exceeds the boundaries of the classroom; I was driven to this career choice because of my love for teaching, but most importantly, because of my ongoing interest in the main psychological domains of adolescence. I enjoy running, singing and cooking. Being a part of the AUS family makes me happy because the administration, teachers, and staff all work towards the same goal. We always put the students first!

Ansley ElBakry

4th Grade Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, Oklahoma, USA

Hometown: Durant, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Background: I have taught both 4th and 5th grade for the last five years in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. In addition I have taught the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade gifted and talented students. I have also been blessed with the privilege of coaching girls’ basketball for the past 5 years.

Mary Hart

4th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Specialist in Educational Leadership; Master of Education in Elementary Education;Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Hometown: Crystal Springs, Mississippi

Background: After graduating in 2003, I began teaching fourth grade reading/language arts for several years. I also served as an after school teacher, working with students who needed extra support in all core subjects. After moving to Jackson, MS, I worked with grades 1 and 2 as a regular education teacher. During that time, I was designated as team lead for my grade. After spending nine years in regular education, I spent five years with special education. As a special education teacher, I co-taught with grades 1, 2, and 5. During that time, I also pulled students for small group instruction. My passion is in educating all students. Inspiring children to develop a love of learning is my ultimate professional goal. I believe that every child has the potential to learn, and believe in teaching a growth mindset, encouraging students to learn and benefit from the challenges they face.

Shannon Sweetman

4th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Master of Education, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Background: After graduating in 1994, I moved to Costa Rica, where I began teaching English to adults. I moved to elementary school, where I taught English in Early Childhood for many years. I then had the opportunity to work with K-6th grade teachers as a Literacy Coach. After 3 years, I returned to the classroom, teaching 5th grade. My passion is creating meaningful relationships with each of my students. Inspiring children to develop a love of learning is my ultimate professional goal. My teaching method combines a fun learning environment with clear and consistent expectations. I believe that every child has the potential to learn, and believe in teaching a growth mindset, encouraging students to learn and benefit from the challenges they face.

Grade 5

Stacy Breckell

5th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Educational Studies: University of Missouri-Columbia; Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics: Avila University; Kansas City, Missouri

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A


I've had the privilege of being an educator for over 20 years. All of my experience has been in grades 5 through 8. I spent seventeen years as a Middle School Mathematics teacher and the remainder as a grade 5 teacher. The first 14 years of teaching were in public schools in both Kansas City as well as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. In 2010, my family made the leap to teach abroad where I spent four years teaching grade 5 and Middle School Math in the dynamic city of Cairo, Egypt. From there we moved to beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea where I taught Middle School Math at an international school. I believe when a teacher creates an environment of trust, love and care within their classroom, all students are able to be risk takers and not fearful of making mistakes. This is when true learning can occur and what I desire to instill on a daily basis within my class.

Padraic Reynolds

5th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Bachelor of Science in Sports Science.

Hometown: Dublin

Background: I grew up in the modern and historic city of Dublin where I completed my schooling at Moyle Park Christian Brothers College. At the age of 17, I moved to London and continued my education at St. Mary’s University. Being an avid basketballer, rugby player and all-round active person I chose to study a Bsc. in Sports Science. Following my graduation, I relocated to Bangkok, Thailand where I taught all elementary grade levels for 2 years, as a Physical Education teacher. More recently though I felt the need to further my education and make the change to classroom teaching. I returned to my studies and completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Education with honors at Nottingham University in the U.K.

I have been classroom teaching, grade 5 students at an international school in Bangkok for the past 3 years before my recent move to Kuwait. I was teaching science and social studies Monday to Friday and on weekends I taught English Language to students online as well as students at St. Stephen’s International school. Educating is my passion and I look forward to having many more years of successful teaching in my wonderful new school in Kuwait.
Further study and my teaching experiences have allowed me to discover my preferred teaching methods and develop my own philosophy to obtain the best possible results from my students. I've found that applying collaborative, student-centered methods in conjunction with constructivist learning theories enhances my students' ability to learn. My additional experiences have shown me the importance of instilling the value of lifelong learning, health, fitness and an overall much more holistic approach to education.
I have not completely given up teaching sports and I still love to teach swimming and scuba-diving in my free time. Lifelong learning, educating my students, and family are my top priorities in life. I have already begun my Masters in education and I plan to conclude my studies in 2019.

Amy Fowler

5th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in English - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

Hometown: Naples, Florida, U.S.A.

Background: During college, I studied both English and Arabic Languages and Literature. I was lucky to be chosen for a study abroad program in Fes, Morocco, which inspired in me a passion for both foreign languages and world travel. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2005, I spent two years teaching English and English as a Foreign Language in the tiny island nation of Taiwan. When I had to opportunity to move to Kuwait almost ten years go, I immediately took it. I fell in love with the country and the culture and have been teaching in Kuwait ever since. During my time in Kuwait, I have spent seven years as a Fifth Grade Homeroom teacher. I have also taught English Literature for middle and high school levels. It is my belief that every student can learn and that each student learns in his or her own way. I am honored to be part of such an talented, experienced team of teachers at American United School of Kuwait.

Don Miller

5th Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, NC USA

Hometown: Parma, Ohio

Background: I have spent my entire teaching career in the state of North Carolina. With the exception of 4 years teaching 6th grade and one year as a STEM Lab teacher (Science Technology Engineering Math), I have been an upper grade elementary teacher. Though science is my passion, I enjoy teaching all of the subject areas, especially integrating them. I feel that literacy, math, science, and social studies are all interconnected, complementary of, and integral to each other. If you think of how the various systems of the body work in harmony or how the components of a vehicle are connected, you will understand my philosophy of education. While this is my first time teaching overseas, it is not my first time living abroad. I did spend three amazing years in Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar/Dhahran) in the early 1980’s as a child. When I am not teaching, I love to read, go cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Co-Teacher (Pre-K - 5th)

Maricris Relloso

Co-Teacher (Pre-K - 5th)

Degree: Bachelor of Elementary Education in English, Camarines Norte State College, Daet Camarines Norte

Hometown: Camarines Norte, Philippines

Background: Before I came to Kuwait, I taught at the Sunny Garden School for Kids for three and a half years. I worked with third grade students and I was also the advisor for the school newspaper. I am happy to be a part of the AUS team!

Pinky Magtoto

Co-Teacher (Pre-K - 5th)

Degrees: B.S. in Elementary Education, Social Studies, Tarlac State University, Tarlac City Philippines Master in Educational Management, University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City, Philippines

Hometown: Tarlac City, Tarlac, Region III, Philippines

Background: After graduation in 2008, I started my career teaching ESL in an international school where I worked with Koreans and Japanese students of different ages and levels for a year. Then, I shifted to the public school where I handled different grade levels teaching all the subjects. I served the school which I was assigned as the English Department Head and the ICT School Leader for 4 consecutive years. I also coached feature writing, editorial writing and photojournalism for the annual press conference being held in our Schools Division. This is my second year in Kuwait and with AUS assisting 5th Grade, I also teach Level 1 Guitar in the afterschool program.

Beverly Avellano

Co-Teacher (Pre-K - 5th)

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Southern Luzon State University, Philippines

Hometown: Infanta, Quezon Philippines

Background: This is my second year of co-teaching with the third graders in our school and I feel the same excitement that I felt during our first year. I love being with the kids. Seeing them happy and learning each day motivates me to become more effective teacher. I look forward seeing more happy and excited children in our school and having successful graduates in the future.

Ann Marie Moore

Permanent Guest Teacher (k-12)

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Middle School History; License in Multi-Subject Education, History, English

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Background: After graduating in 1995, I began my career as a 9th grade English teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas. I then switched to elementary and have experience in teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I have taught in five different countries overseas including, Morocco, Vietnam, Egypt, Venezuela, and Kuwait.

My passion is teaching students about the joys of reading. Inspiring children to develop a love of learning is my ultimate professional goal. My teaching method combines a calm learning environment with clear and consistent expectations. I develop meaningful relationships with my students who take advantage of my open-door policy to seek help and guidance.


Barbara Leritz

English Language Learner Teacher

Degree: B.S. in Secondary Social Studies Education, Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Hometown: Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

Background: I started out teaching secondary social studies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area but quickly developed a passion for working with English Language Learners. Prior to coming to Kuwait, I taught primarily in Willmar, Minnesota as well as a short time in Aleppo, Syria. Overall, I have seventeen years of teaching experience, working with all ages – Kindergarten through adult learners.

Mnal Arouri

ELL Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science Elementary Education, Certification in English as a Second Language, Certification in Language Arts

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Background: My name is Mnal. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I graduated in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Saint Xavier University. I taught ELL for 4 years in Illinois working with students from grades K-8. I moved to Kuwait with my husband and son. I enjoy teaching and creating a fun learning environment. I am happy to be a part of the AUS staff.

Evgenii Golubev

ELL Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Methodology of Teaching English and German

Hometown: Bikin, Russia

Background: My name is Evgenii. I come from Russia. I graduated from the Khabarovsk Teachers' Training University in 2005. I have been working as an English teacher for over 13 years. I taught English in Russia at elementary, secondary and high schools for 8 years. I also have taught English at language centers.

In 2013, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand and started teaching at the language center known as Inlingua (Siam Paragon). I was an ESL teacher there for 4 years. I taught there for 2 years full-time, and then I became a part-time teacher. I taught Phonics, Business English, TOEFL, TOEFL JUNIOR, CAE and PTE.

In 2016, I got a job at an IB School at New Sathorn International School and was offered the position of 2nd grade homeroom teacher. I did it for a year before transitioning to the EAL department. I also ran an after-school activity, “The Language Club” (Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese).

My hobby is studying new foreign languages, playing chess, swimming, Muay Thai and Western Boxing.

Rochelle Nitro

ELL Co-Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Mathematics, Saint Bridget’s College, Batangas City, Philippines

Hometown: Batangas, Philippines

Background: After university I taught at a private school in my hometown for a year. I handled multi-aged group of learners and learned that every student has a unique way of learning. I moved to the city to experience teaching in a new approach. I taught ESL to foreigners with different age group for almost 6 years. The training and experiences I had equipped me with knowledge and skills that were needed as I take a new challenge in my profession.

Maria De Maggio

ELL Co-teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Hometown: Campo Grande, Brazil & Detroit, Michigan, USA

Background: I was born and raised in Brazil where, as a child, I developed an interest in the English language. After teaching English in Brazil for more than 10 years, I moved to the United States where I met my husband and formed a family. For the past few years I have been working as a classroom assistant at an elementary school in Michigan. I enjoy doing crafts, baking and making Brazilian desserts.

Josephine Uy

ELL Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in English, Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines Graduate Coursework: Masters of Arts in Language Education (30 units), Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines

Hometown: Baguio City, Philippines

Background: I have been teaching since 2003 with the first two years as a classroom teacher while the succeeding years as an ESL teacher. Although I can say that I can teach students of varying levels, I have more experience teaching students in the elementary level. I spent my first 2 years of teaching in Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines teaching English subjects to Filipino students (grades 4- 4th year) and other subjects assigned by the principal. For the next 5 years, I was an ESL teacher to Korean students (primary- adult) in Baguio City, Philippines. In 2010, I moved to Shanghai, China where I taught English to Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and European students of all ages. Learning has undergone many changes which benefits both learners and teachers. AUS has embraced these, and I am fortunate to be chosen to help prepare AUS students for their future.

Early Intervention Program Educators

Katyya Moses

Intervention Specialist

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood & Family Education, Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA Master of Arts in Elementary Education, Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Certifications: Special Education K-12, Mild & Moderate Disabilities K-12, Reading K-12, Elementary K-5, Science/Math/Social Studies 7-12

Hometown: Georgetown,

Mississippi, USA

Background: I have been an educator for the last 8 years in both the United States and Kuwait serving in both mainstream and special education environments. My goal is to ensure that our AUS students become independent, creative, critical thinkers and learners, who will become successful members of our global society.

Minette Finney

Academic Learning Support Specialist (K-8)

Degrees: Post-Masters Graduate Certificate in Curriculum and Supervision and Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA. Bachelors of Arts Honors Education Studies, University of Greenwich, London, UK. Higher Teachers Certificate Secondary, Milton Margai Teachers College, Sierra Leone.

Hometown: Concord, North Carolina, USA.

Background: I am enthusiastic to serve as the Academic Learning Support Specialist at American United School (AUS), Kuwait! Prior to joining AUS, I gained a wealth of experience in education from West Africa, where I taught secondary school English Language Arts, French, and Drama. As an educator in London, U.K, in addition to teaching, I developed, implemented, and supervised Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for students with Special Educational Needs in reception through year 6. Upon moving to the states, I settled in North Carolina, USA and served as an educator for 9 years, including a year of internship as an administrator. My professional experience also extends into programs funded by educational grants. As the coordinator for a district After-School Quality Improvement Grant Program, I implemented the ASPIRE program for the Boys and Girls Club. At AUS, I have served as a 4th grade level chair for 3 years, a member of the accreditation steering committee, a teacher mentor as well as working on developing the AUS Gifted and Talented program. I am exultant to continue my international educational journey in Kuwait and beyond as part of a learning community in order to create next generation lifelong learners and global citizens, thus providing the best educational experience for students, parents, educators and staff!

Pete Gulay

Instructional Coach for Co-Teachers

Degree(s): Bachelor in Elementary Education

Hometown: Loay, Bohol, Philippines

Background: Hi! My name is Pete Roselyn. I am delighted to join AUS as an instructional coach. Before joining AUS I taught seven years. I have worked my entire teaching career in the Philippines; 3 years as Grade 1 teacher at University of Bohol, 2 years as University Instructor at same university, 1 year as Grade 6 teacher and 3 years as Multi grade (K-Grade 2) with the Philippine Department of Education. I am so excited to join this amazing team. I love my job and believe strongly in the power of education. My goal is to assist teachers in helping AUS students reach their fullest potential. It is this love of travel and learning about diverse cultures that led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in teaching linguistically diverse population. I look forward to getting to know all of you this school year!

Marifie Escueta

K-2nd Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degrees: B. S. in Elementary Education, Certificate in Teaching Reading, Completed the Academic Requirements in Master of Arts in Teaching Reading (MAT in Reading), PNU – Philippine Normal University, Philippines

Hometown: Dasmariñas City, Cavite, Philippines

Background: After graduation, I have spent my first teaching years at St. Jude College handling various classes from Preparatory Level up to 6th Grade. I teach English in 1st Grade, Home Economics from 5th to 6th Grade while being the Form Teacher in Preparatory Level. The rest of my teaching career has been at the International British School in the Philippines. I have been handling a class in an after school program called “Little Chef” and in the Remedial Reading program. I do enjoy photography because it is one of my passion aside from teaching children.

Joahn Operiano

K-2nd Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degree(s): Bachelor of Elementary Education in Teaching in the Early Grades - University of the Philippines Graduate Coursework: Working towards Master of Arts in TESOL - Anaheim University, California, U.S.A Certificate(s): TESOL Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, Anaheim University, California, U.S.A, Cambridge Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), AKCENT International House-Prague, Czech Republic

Hometown: Bohol, Philippines

Background: Before coming to Kuwait, I taught English Language Learners of different nationalities for five years. I developed and carried out engaging and effective ELL lessons for multi-aged young learners’ groups. This is my fourth year and I’m very glad to have been given the chance to help students realize and reach their full potential in language learning. As the ELL Co-teacher, I view teaching and learning as a dynamic and interactive process acted upon together by the whole school community and the child's home.

Geraldine Celeste

K-2nd Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degree(s): Master of Arts in Educational Management, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Certificate in Special Educational Needs

Hometown: KAHOAI San Roque, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines

Background: I desired to become a teacher for the reason of- making a difference in children’s lives. I’ve had ten years of teaching experience in the Philippines and this is my second year here in AUS. I am looking forward for a more fruitful year of helping the 21st century students be successful and critical thinkers guided by the fact that if they don’t learn the way we teach, we should work to teach them the way they learn.

Langela Moreno

K-2nd Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degree: Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education, Technological University of the Philippines

Hometown: Bulacan, Philippines

Background: I have been teaching for almost 13 years now. I have taught English, Mathematics and Science to levels from kindergarten to 6th grade in the Philippines. I have also handled English online classes for Chinese students of different age groups. I enjoy watching movies, reading, shopping, and dining out with my family.

Honeylee Grace Mallari

K-2nd Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degree: Bachelor in Elementary Education, Units in Early Childhood Education, Certification of NCII CHS

Hometown: Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines

Background: After College, I taught Preparatory and Junior Casa level for one year in a Montessori school. I also taught 1st grade English & Math for one year in a public school in my hometown while I was also the School English Coordinator. I had two wonderful years in teaching and I am looking forward to joining

Arianne Columna

3-5th Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degrees: Bachelor of Elementary Education Specialization in Science (2006); Master of Arts in education Major in Administration and Supervision (2010)

Hometown: General Trias, Cavite Philippines

Background: After graduating from Philippine Normal University, Manila in 2006, I started my teaching career as an elementary teacher in the Philippines for 7 years. I taught 4th – 5th grade mathematics and science. I have experience coaching table tennis and volleyball, training students for quiz bees, and choreographing dance presentations.

Lovellyn Amatus

3-5th Grade EIP Teacher for Literacy and Math

Degree: Bachelor of Elementary Education, Canossa College, Laguna, Philippines

Hometown: Calauan, Laguna, Philippines

Background: I’ve been an elementary teacher in different educational settings, private and public schools in the Philippines. I taught English, Science and Social Studies to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Teaching diverse students gave my life a new meaning and made me see my true calling. I am overjoyed that my existence truly serves its purpose- to make a difference by giving service to others, most especially to my students.

Arabic & Islamic

Yasser Al Abdullah

Arabic Teacher

Degree: BA in Arabic Language and Arabic literature - University of Aleppo - Syria (2008); Master Degree in Arabic literature and literary criticism – MEDIU International University – Malaysia (2018)

Hometown: Syria

Background: I have worked in Kuwait since 2009 as an Arabic teacher in schools for several stages (Primary, Middle school and Secondary). I was trained in several programs, including the International Baccalaureate program. I have a great passion for using technology in education. I have made and attended a series of workshops in Kuwait for the use of technology in the classroom and leaderships.

My objectives through joining AUS is to use all my experience and passion for teaching to educate your children by taking advantage of the great potential offered by the school.

Mona Alghazzawi

Arabic Teacher

Degree: B.A. in Arabic Literature, Lebanese University, Saida, Lebanon

Hometown: Saida , Lebanon

Background: I have worked with children for 15 years from all around the world and I developed their language as well as their confidence when it comes to speaking. As well as Arabic, I can speak, read and write English and French. I enjoy teaching my students through advanced techniques so that they look forward to my lessons and enjoy the subject.

Sheikha Alenizi

Arabic Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Background: Since graduating, I have spent all of my years teaching in Tucson, Arizona. During that time, I taught all subjects in Kindergarten including Arabic and Islamic Studies. I also did years of volunteer teaching in a variety of different weekend and summer camps. When I am not teaching I enjoy doing things with my family, friends; l love reading, writing, arts, crafts, cooking and traveling. I enjoyed my first year of teaching the brilliant students at AUS and I look forward to many more years at AUS .

Lama Abu Aljibat

Arabic Teacher

Degree: Bachelor Degree in Arabic Language

Hometown: Jordan

Background: I graduated from Mutah University in Jordan. I worked in Jordan for 3 years and at a bilingual school in Kuwait for 8 years teaching Arabic to elementary students.

Tharwat Toumeh

Arabic Teacher

Degree: Bachelor in Education University of Homs ,Syria

Hometown: Homs, Syria

Background: I taught Arabic (G1, G2, and G4) in Ministry of Education, Syria, (2009-2011), Arabic for 1st Grade in Rawd Al Salheen school in Hawally, Kuwait (2012) and Arabic for K-2 in Manarat school (2013-2016)

Noura Elgouhary

Arabic Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education, Arabic and Islamic Studies & Diploma in Special Needs Faculty of Education, Kafr El-Sheikh University, Egypt.

Hometown: Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Background: Since moving to Kuwait in 2013 I taught Arabic at a bilingual school, I have attended training course at the American University of Kuwait "A New Understanding for Learning Difficulties and ADHD”. My priorities in teaching the Arabic language is to learn in an atmosphere of happiness and fun based on the latest available technology in my classrooms.

Reham Ibrahim

AFL Teacher

Degree: B.A in Arabic Literature, Ain Shams University.

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Background:Certified in teaching Arabic as a foreign language from the American University of Cairo. I have five years of experience in teaching Arabic Language in English school in Kuwait. I believe that teacher has to make a Happy Learning Environment! That’s the best way to encourage students to learn. Teaching Arabic as a second language isn’t only the language, but also the culture and art. It’s an amazing language to learn. It’s beautiful when spoken and written and I promise you will feel a sense of extreme accomplishment when you start to understand.

Niveen Abdelnabi

AFL Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Education; Certification Montessori
Hometown: Kuwait
Background: My name is Nevin Abdelnabi. My family is from Palestine, however I was born in Kuwait. I studied Elementary Education and within the field, majored in Arabic. I have a deep love and connection with the Arabic language. My goal is to transfer this same love and connection to my wonderful students. I have been teaching since 2004. I have had experience teaching grades 1st through 5th. I am very happy to be a part of AUS. It is most certainly " A Better Choice."

Ibrahim Tahan

Islamic Dep. Chair (K-12)/ Teacher

Degrees: Master degree in Hadith Studies and a bachelor degree in religion essentials, Kuwait University

Hometown: Syria – Lived in Kuwait since 1983.

Background: I have nearly nine years of experience teaching Islamic studies in International and American schools in Kuwait. I have taught students of all grade levels from elementary to high school. I also have experience as the Head of Islamic Studies and the Activities coordinator.
In my leisure time I enjoy playing soccer, swimming and socializing with family and friends.

Bassima Abu Hawilli

Islamic Studies Teacher

Degrees : Islamic studies

Hometown : Lebanon , born and live in kuwait.

Background : After I finished my studies, I started my career as a Quraan and Islamic stories teacher in summer clubs and nurseries for 3 years . Then I continued as a religion teacher in elementary school in one of the American schools in Kuwait for 3 years. During my free time, I enjoy reading , writing, walking and socializing with family and friends.

Mossa Al Salamh

AFL Teacher

Degrees : BA in Arabic language and Arabic literature - University of Aleppo - Syria

Hometown : Syria

Background : I have worked in Kuwait since 2009 as an Arabic teacher in Primary and Middle schools - foreign schools. I will use all my experiences to make the AFl students speak Arabic professionally.

Khloud Saad

Islamic Studies Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Accounting; Certification in Qur'an and Islamic Studies

Hometown: Egypt

Background: I have 3 years experience in Cambridge School and 7 years in Kuwait English School. I love arts and volleyball

Heba Ahmed

Islamic/ Arabic Guest Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Islamic

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Background: I have nearly 17 years of experience teaching Arabic & Islamic studies in International and American schools in Kuwait. I have taught students of all grade levels from elementary to high school. In my leisure time I enjoy cooking, swimming, decoration and socializing with family and friends.

Information Center

Sara Al Gharabbaly

Information Center Assistant

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Hometown: Kuwait

Background: I have been at AUS since they first opened their doors in 2013. I have supported the specials team in both Art and the Information Center where I can currently be found. In addition to my experience at AUS I have worked at the American University of Kuwait as student worker in the Intensive English Program. I am a proud mother of the three beautiful children. I look forward to reading and learning with our students this year!

Deepa Shibu

Information Center Specialist Clerk

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India

Hometown: Ernakulam District, Kerala, India

Background: I have over 12 years of Clerical work experience. I am so happy and excited being a part of AUS family as I was working in the AUS project with consultant company from the foundation of AUS. I am feeling blessed to work in Information Center as I love books and being with children

Ezel Balikci

Information Center Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Hometown: İstanbul/ Turkey

Background: I’ve started teaching in Istanbul/Turkey where I was born and raised. I believe teaching is the key to make the world a better place. I feel lucky to be able to witness each and every one of my student's stories and have the chance to help and lead them through this adventure called life. Apart from teaching I always try to be aware of what’s going on around the globe. I love to learn about different cultures and see the differences and similarities between them. I also love reading, cinema, new age comic strips and traveling. I am so excited for my time here in AUS!

Fany Ruiz

Information Center Co-Teacher

Degree: Bachelor of Human Resources Management-UTH Florida University. Working towards Master in Early Childhood Education- Miguel de Cervantes European University, Spain. TEFL Level 3 certificate in teaching English to Young Learners.

Hometown: Honduras

Background: I have worked in education for 5 years, and I have had the opportunity to hold a number of professional roles in the area. I worked for one and a half years as Toddler Teacher assistant in Honduras. After that, my husband and I moved to Venezuela where I worked for 1 year as an Elementary Art teacher assistant and two years and half as a Library assistant. It's an honor to become part of the AUS family!

Physical Education

Thomas Brown

Physical Education Teacher

Degree/s: B.S. in Sports Studies, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA; M.S. in Physical Education, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois, USA

Hometown: Farmington, Connecticut, USA

Background: I have taught physical education to all levels from Pre-K to grade 12 in both New York and Connecticut. In addition, I coached teams in both soccer and basketball. Exercising is important to a person’s physical and mental development; as well as their health. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and learning about different countries lifestyles.

Freddricka Embry

Physical Education Teacher

Degree(s): Educational Specialist Degree with a concentration in Physical Education, Masters of Science in Education (Physical Education), Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.

Background: I have been a Physical Educator for over a decade teaching grades K-12, in the United States. I have coached basketball, softball, volleyball, track, and soccer throughout my career. As a former collegiate student-athlete, I believe that a lifetime of good health begins with the habits formed in childhood and adolescence. I am a firm believer in maximum movement and participation in my classroom. My goal is to help create a mindset of lifelong participation in physical activity. I am excited to be welcomed by the AUS family, I look forward to this upcoming school year! In my free time I enjoy photography, traveling, and watching sports.

Bardley Hovey

Physical Education Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Education from Crandall University, Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University

Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Background: I am excited to be at AUS as the Elementary Physical Education teacher. I come to Kuwait after teaching physical education at a private school in Istanbul, Turkey for the last 3 years. I am originally from Canada, where I attended university and played basketball during my 5 years of post secondary. I have had the opportunity to coach and volunteer my time with a number of sport programs and have worked with students of various age groups. Some of these include basketball, cross country running, soccer and gymnastics. In my spare time I like to travel and I am an outdoor enthusiast. During the summer I spend my time mountain biking, golfing and time with my family in Canada.


Joni Muller

Art Teacher

Degrees: BFA in Art Education from University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma, United States.

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Background: I have taught elementary art around Oklahoma City for eight years, teaching grades Pre-K through 5th grade. I enjoy introducing my students to a variety of mediums, but painting is my absolute favorite. The last five years I have taught part-time art classes through the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, working with kids that range from 5 - 13 years of age. In my spare time I teach a few yoga classes, read, and spend time with friends.

Clara Isabel Ochoa

Art Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Neiva, Colombia

Background: After graduating from university I assisted in starting a small school near my home town in Colombia, serving local students in impoverished communities.
After 15 years of teaching early childhood in Colombia, my family moved to Azerbaijan where I learned to speak Russian and English. I taught various subjects to children and adults in Azerbaijan for 10 years, including Spanish and Visual Art. I have taught under various national and international curriculums for the past 27 years.
I have a love of travel and all things artistic, but I especially love working with young children. Teaching children to be resilient learners and to be passionate about the arts is my only objective as an educator.

Diantha Giltz

Art Teacher

Degree(s): Master of Arts in Teaching from Kent State University Kent, Ohio Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland, Ohio Kindergarten to Grade 12 teaching certification from State of Ohio International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and Primary Years Program Category 1 and 3

Hometown: Kent, Ohio, U.S.A.

Background: I have taught internationally for several years, striving to develop the strongest visual arts programs possible. My professional career has taken me from the United States of America to Kuwait, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Albania, and back to Kuwait. I have worked with students from pre-Kindergarten through grade twelve. I have also taught adult classes privately and run young artists classes in metalsmithing for a college. Visual Arts Education is my passion because of the many benefits it offers to students including but not limited to creative expression. It is my belief that the study of art encourages deeper levels of observation and awareness of the world we live in. All students are able to benefit and grow from positive experiences in the arts. I am excited to be part of the AUS family and pleased to be adding my passion for teaching into this tremendous school.


Mark Dawson

ES/MS Music/Band Teacher (G4-G8)/ Team Lead)

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Music; Master of Education in Educational Leadership; License to teach all music levels

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Background: I am Mark Q. Dawson, this is my second international teaching experience in Kuwait. I am joined here in Kuwait by my wife Kamille. Prior to embarking on my international teaching journey, I was a Middle/High School Director of Bands at two different schools. The first being the middle school I attended as a student in Fort Worth, Texas. The second was a private school also in Fort Worth. I received my Bachelor’s of Music Performance from the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff and my Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. During my undergraduate years I performed with marching band (The Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South or M4) and the University Jazz Ensemble. Those experiences allowed me to perform with various musicians and build lasting relationships all in the name of MUSIC!! I am looking forward to my time here at AUS an expect many great successes!

Reynaldo Marquez

Music Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor in Elementary Education with 18 Units Specialization in Music Education (Philippine Normal University, Mindanao Campus, Philippines) (18 Units) Master in Education Major in School Leadership (MEDSL), De La Salle University, Summer Institute for Graduate Studies (Scholarship Program), Manila, Philippines

Hometown: Maasin City, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Background: I was a general Education teacher for 3 years in a private school at the same time a Music & Arts Education Instructor of the college department of the same school. I also spent more than 4 years as general education teacher of the Department of Education, Philippines before moving to Kuwait to teach music education in one of the Philippine schools where I stayed for 7 years. I also became the safety secretary of HEISCO Shipyard Kuwait for two years then I got a job offer as music assistant teacher from AUS. Landing on a job in a school like AUS is dream come true for me.

Janice Llemos

Music Co-Teacher

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Music

Hometown: Olongapo City, Philippines

Background: I taught General Music, Arts, P.E, and Health and Vocal Music course in a specialized high school curriculum for the arts in the Philippines. Over the last 12 years of my teaching experience, prior coming to Kuwait, I have been a choir directress of the school choir that has participated a number of local and international choral competitions and has helped student-singers, public school music teachers, and other singing groups develop their skills in music. I am excited to share my experience and my culture to the AUS community and contribute to the strengthened music program in the Elementary School.

Technology Integration

Yolanda Brown

Technology Integration

Degree(s): Bachelor of science in Early Childhood Education; Master of Science in Reading and Literacy

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Background: I have taught K-3 for 17 years and have an extensive background working with English Language learners. In 2015 I began focusing on integrating technology into lessons and my passion for digital learning grew from there. I quickly became the "go to" teacher in helping colleagues incorporate technology within their instruction. In 2017 I began working on my PhD in Educational Technology and plan to finish in 2020. My goal is to collaborate with teachers to enhance, extend and enrich students learning experiences through the use of educational devices and software. I truly enjoy empowering students through technology to increase academic achievement across the curriculum. I look forward to a great school year at American United School.