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Arabic Language

American United School is committed to building a strong Arabic language curriculum for native Arabic speaking students Grades 1 through 5 and all students in Pre-K and Kindergarten. AUS students receive instruction in the components of Arabic language literacy including reading, writing, and oral language acquisition. Instruction in Arabic is conducted daily in all grades Pre-K through Grade 5. Approved by the Ministry of Education, the AUS Arabic program uses enriching materials and provides opportunities for students to use Arabic language skills in a fun, engaging, and meaningful setting will ensure students develop proficiency in and a love for the Arabic language.

Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL)

AFL is also provided daily to students who are not native Arabic speakers beginning in Grade 1 and continues through Grade 5. In this program, teachers use strategies that encourage second language acquisition.

During the early years of Pre-K and Kindergarten, native speakers and AFL speakers are mixed as they are learning the same foundational skills.