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Health and Wellness

The mission of the AUS clinic is to support students to establish and maintain healthy habits for a healthy life. In addition to our carefully planned nutritious meal program and progressive physical education opportunities, the nurse staff works to reinforce healthy living by:

  • managing and maintaining medical files for all students,
  • providing daily treatment for students with minor scratches, bruises, and bumps as well as chronic illnesses and emergency medical needs,
  • conducting annual student vaccinations in collaboration with the Ministry of Health,
  • coordinating annual classroom emergency kits for teachers and students,
  • coordinating annual student check-ups for: vision, weight and height and assisting students to track their goals and progress over time,
  • coordinating specific food needs of students diagnosed allergies in collaboration with the AUS Chef and cafeteria staff,
  • offering First Aid and CPR courses to all staff and middle high school students throughout the academic year, and
  • attending all AUS sponsored after schools sporting events and activities in case of emergencies.

Lastly, one of the major events sponsored by the AUS clinic in collaboration with out Physical Education department is our annual Health Week. All students in elementary, middle school, and high school participate in a variety scheduled workshops, study trips, and age appropriate health related activities. The goal of Health Week is to build student awareness, participation, and accountability for their own physical health and well-being.

The AUS clinic employs two exceptional nurses both certified by the Kuwait Ministry of Health. Both nurses are also certified instructors of First Aid and CPR by the American Heart Association and the Kuwait Medical Association. See below for additional qualifications:


Name: Manar Shaarawi
Level: Nurse – Complex Nurse
Degrees: B.A in Nursing Science; Baghdad University
Registered Nurse
Certification in First Aid & CPR; American Heart Association
Home: Saudi Arabia
Background: My career as a nurse has spanned over 28 years. I have been a nurse at a Diabetic Clinic, an Internal Medicine Clinic, and in a school setting for the past 10 years. My experiences over the years as well as those in the highly equipped clinic at AUS, have made it possible for me to provide the best quality care for your precious children. Nurse Rachel and I utilize preventive care measures for all of the students at AUS including a yearly physical and quarterly weight & height checks to track BMI. This helps us intervene early on if necessary to avoid problems in the long run. We work very closely with the Ministry of Health to make sure all of our children are vaccinated as required and to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. The AUS clinic has the most advanced equipment, tools, and medications to provide the best care possible!
Name: Rachel Jacinto
Level: School Nurse
Degree: B.S. in Nursing; World City College
Registered Nurse
Certified in CPR, ACLS and emergency disaster, Certified IV Therapist
Home: Manila, Philippines
Background: I am a registered nurse with 18 years of experience both in adult and child care. I have worked in advanced and sophisticated hospitals in the Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.



Name: Leslie Paclibar-Felipe
Level: School Nurse
Degree: B.S. in Nursing; Ateneo De Zamboanga University, Philippines
Registered Nurse
Certified in CPR-BLS, certified IV Therapist, Emergency Management training for Labor Patients and Neonatal care.
Home: Manila, Philippines
BackgroundA Registered Nurse for 20 years and specialized in OR-ER (Phils.), Triage and Labor Room (Royale Hayat Hospital).  I worked in a private hospital with advance and highly innovative patient’s care. It is of great privilege to work in AUS, to involve in the care of students and to collaborate with parents, teachers, staff and to deliver a better holistic care and management.