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The Elementary athletic program is developmental, with an emphasis on learning the skills of the sport, sportsmanship and creating opportunities for Elementary school students to compete with classmates and/or teammates. The AUS Sports program is extra-curricular and is separate from the AUS REAL program.

AUS Elementary Sports Program has three competitive teams, soccer, basketball and swimming.

Trainings are set on the following days:

  • Basketball ( Sunday and Tuesday 3 - 4.30 pm) with Ms. Freddricka Embry
  • Soccer ( Sunday and Tuesday 3 - 4.30 pm) with Mr. Thomas Brown
  • Swimming (Monday & Wednesday 3 – 4.30 pm) with Mrs. Marjan Gholamrezaiee

We are planning to have organized matches and tournaments throughout the year.



Athletics are an important part of any adolescent experience – from learning new physical skills and sportsmanship to simply enjoying the thrill of activity and competition.

Many students play sports for the sheer love of the game. But in our sports programs at AUS, on top of the thrill of competing and having fun with friends, students experience benefits that support their academic, social and emotional growth in middle school.

At AUS students have opportunity in playing for MS Athletic Teams. We are part of MSHS USAK League and throughout the year, we train students by seasons. Each season is 7-8 weeks long and season ends with USAK Semi and Final tournament.



If you are athletic but do not want to go through the pressure of intense competition, intramural sports may be for you. Seasons usually last five or six weeks with a tournament at the end.

“Intramural sports consist of competing against other students on campus. Games last no more than an hour, during student’s lunchtime.

We started this year with Soccer Intramural and later on we will do volleyball and basketball intramurals.





Athletics play an important role in the well-rounded educational experience offered at AUS.

Athletics provides athletes with several benefits including the acquisition of valuable life skills that will benefit them throughout their life. These skills are more beneficial than the games themselves, and their impact can be powerful and transcending.

At HS level AUS has been a regular member of USAK League and throughout the school year our HS students are given chance to be accepted in one of our AUS HS teams.(Junior Varsity and Varsity)