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Lama AlBabtain

Currently serving my second term on the PTSO Board as the Elementary School Representative. I was part of establishing and building the foundations of the PTSO. I am a full-time mom with a daughter in KG.

Founder of TBWA\Kuwait a highly-strategic, award-winning integrated Advertising Agency with 20 years of success bringing disruptive thinking to marketing communications for leading brands. Was responsible for several NGO including work with the UN.

  • First Kuwaiti Female Creative Director
  • Launched, rebranded, and repositioned major brands in the market locally and internationally.
  • Named as the advertising first lady by Communications magazine.


Tarina Speidel

I'm interested in running for Vice-President of the PTSO Board or, if there are several applicants, for Treasurer.

I'm in the US Military, stationed at the US Embassy in Kuwait. I've been here for nine months and will be here for an additional two and a half years. I have 5-year-old twins in Kindergarten (Mrs. Jalghoom and Mrs. Neuman).

Being overseas without any close family can be very stressful, especially for young children. They will spend much of their time at school and I want to be a part of their experience.

I have served in many positions on executive councils during my career and understand the importance of strong leadership and a drive to serve the community. My goal, should I be elected, is to continue the excellent work of the previous board to ensure AUS is a place students and parents alike enjoy and look forward to attending.


Ahmed Hassan

- Establish new activities that can get the students and their parents together such like Math competition parents and student together
- Get the students do some real-life experience such like ( students boutique, that can be run by the students themselves with assistance from the parents)
- Getting the parents to be part of students education and getting them to carry their experience among students.
- Share the knowledge among parents about activities can be done in school with their kids.
- Motivate parents to be part of school activities.


Leadership Background:
- Student group representative 2008-2010 at KMBS university ( Master of business administration program ) Kuwait.
- Student representative 1995-1999 at Cairo University (faculty of commerce ) Egypt.
- Head of Basketball team 1990 - 1997 Abbasiya club Cairo, Egypt.

Career Background:
- Established many businesses in different fields with the focus on telecom and satellite communication industry.
- Currently running a satellite communication company with offices located at ( UAE, KSA, EGYPT, KUWAIT, PHILIPPINES, and the USA )
- Acquired Innovation of the year award from Broadcast and telecom Arab state union 2013
- Marketing and sales coach.

Education Background:
- Master of Business administration from Kuwait Masterckhet business School ( MSM )
- B.S.C of Business administration from Cairo University
- Some other courses related to Anti-Bribery,… etc


Dr. Hanan Altabbakh

Ph.D. Engineering Management from Missouri University Of Science and Technology.
From Kuwait.
Currently working as the assistant manager for science and math program at Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. Previously served as high school representative for PTSO year 2016-2017.
I have 4 Kids 3 of which are at AUS 6th, 8th, and 11th. The youngest is a two-year-old at nursery school.
Living half of my life in the United States gave me a great exposure on the educational systems. Such experience guided me on how to close the gap between school administrators and parents to assure that our kids get the most out of their experience at school.


Reham Jameel

I wish to help and assist the PTSO board as much as I can. Working with the lovely team last year made me think about joining.


Rance Patterson

Rance loves his kids and he loves his job because it lets him spend time with them. When they were younger he volunteered weekly in the classroom. Reading time, multiplication tables, whatever was needed, he was there. Now he is looking for other ways to help out. He has 3 kids at AUS, one in high school and two in the middle school.

He was born in a rural part of the United States and learned how to work hard. He has since traveled the world. He is heartened by how kind the world is when you are face to face, especially if good food is involved.

A first-generation college graduate he values education and the opportunities it can give you. As a software engineer at NASA and Northrup Grumman, he learned to be a team player and what amazing things can be done by bright minds.

The PTSO is an amazing organization that needs to continue to thrive. Rance hopes to help that happen.


Tania Wilkens

My name is Tania Wilkens and I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I served as a Signal and Communications Officer in the United States Army for 10 years after finishing studies of History and Russian at Temple University. After my military service, I worked as an Operations Manager for a large Information Technology company in the Washington D.C. area. I was also a part-time elementary school teacher of Ukrainian Studies in Maryland, and a production manager and editor of a newsletter in Croatia. Currently, my husband serves as a Military Attache at the United States Embassy here in Kuwait. We have two children, a two-year-old son, Luke, and a five-year-old daughter, Lily, who is attending Kindergarten this year. I have been fortunate to live and travel to many places around the world. I bring many years of experience in leadership, and project and operations management to the PTSO. I am enthusiastic in further developing the role of the PTSO in fostering critical relationships among parents, educators, and students for the benefit of the school community. I am looking forward to being actively involved in continuing the PTSO's mission of making this the best school yet!

If you have any questions please contact us on


  • Amani Abdulhasan - President
  • Pakinam Abdul Rahman - Vice President
  • Mayada El-Gohary - Treasurer
  • Pia Dey Verma - Secretary
  • Lama Al Babtain - Elementary School Representative
  • USHA NARAYANAN- Middle School Representative
  • Hanan Al Tabakh - High School Representative


  • Amani Abdulhasan - President
  • Pakinam Abdul Rahman - Vice President
  • TAMMY ALI - Treasurer
  • Pia Dey Verma - Secretary
  • Yasmin Alsabah - Elementary School Representative
  • Reem Alrubaie - Middle School Representative


  • Amani Abdulhasan - President
  • Pakinam Abdul Rahman - Vice President
  • Pia Dey Verma - Secretary
  • Yasmin Alsabah - Elementary School Representative
  • Reem Alrubaie - Middle School Representative



Article I:


The name of the organization shall be American United School Parent/Teacher/Student Organization (PTSO).

Article II:

Mission Statement and Purpose

1. The Mission of the PTSO

“Taking education to the next level through commitment, collaboration and communication among parents, students and educators”

2. The Purpose of the PTSO is :

A. To foster and nurture relationships among parents, educators and students for the benefit of the school community.

B. To develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement in the promotion of student welfare.

C. To recruit and coordinate volunteers, provide special recognition in awards ceremonies or through other activities, organize parent education events.

D. Support in lieu of a Booster club, music, foreign language club, sports, theatrical productions and much more.

Article III:


Members of the PTSO are all students, parents and guardians whose children are students in the school. Members also include staff and administration of the school as determined by the School Director.

Article IV:

Executive Council

There shall be an Executive Council (ExCo) that will serve as the administrative arm of the PTSO. The ExCo will meet once per month. A quorum will consist of at least four (4) ExCo officers (non-school employees).

Section 1

The ExCo shall include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Parent Representative (one from each level: Elementary, Middle School and High School), one Teacher from each level, one Elementary Student, one Middle School Student Council member, one High School Student Council member and Princi- pals of Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Section 2

A. All ExCo officers, except the Principals and Teachers, shall be elected at an annual meeting held in the first two months of each school year.

B. Election of ExCo officers shall be by ballot except when there is only one nominee for an office.

C. The ExCo officers shall be elected to serve for one school year.

D. Their term of office shall begin following the election after a one month transitional period of hand over.

Section 3

The Teacher representatives will be selected for a one-school year term by and from among the AUS teachers in the school.

Section 4
No ExCo officer shall hold more than one office at a time.

Section 5

There shall be no limit to the number of consecutive terms an ExCo officer may hold the same position.

Section 6

Vacancies on the ExCo will be filled as soon as possible by majority vote amongst ExCo officers.

Section 7

When an ExCo officer fails to attend without adequate excuse or if the ExCo officer is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities as prescribed in the by-laws, the officer may be replaced by the ExCo, by a vote of at least four (4) officers (non-school employees) and the position may be filled according to Article IV Section 5.

Section 8

ExCo officers should not also be members of the School Advisory Board, except the PTSO President and the Principals. However, the PTSO President should always serve on the School Advisory Board.

Section 9

Before an ExCo officer or spouse accepts a position from the school with any remuneration, full disclosure shall be provided to the PTSO in order to disclose the relationship.

Article V:

Duties of the ExCo and its members

Section 1

The President shall preside at all PTSO meetings and shall ensure that all tasks undertaken by the PTSO are completed.

Section 2

The Vice President assists and shall serve in the absence of the President including filling in when there is a vacancy amongst ExCo officers.

Section 3

The Secretary shall keep a record of all PTSO meetings and any required correspondence (including minutes, briefs, etc.). Minutes should be circulated within one week following PTSO or ExCo (or other) meetings.

Section 4

The Treasurer will keep the PTSO’s financial records and books in good order and will be primarily responsible for all financial transactions. The financial books will be kept on a monthly basis and shall be made available, upon request, to the general PTSO membership. Any commitment to spend or actual expenditure will be signed by the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary.

Section 5

The Teacher representatives shall be present during PTSO meetings. The Teacher representatives serves as liaison between PTSO and staff and keeps PTSO members informed of staff concerns or ideas.

Section 6

The Principals shall be present during PTSO meetings. The Principals provide the PTSO with information on administrative developments in their respective schools.

Section 7

The Students representatives shall be present during PTSO meetings. The Students representatives serve as the liaison between PTSO and student council and keeps PTSO members informed of students concerns or ideas.

Section 8

The Parent Representatives of Elementary, Middle School and High School keep PTSO members informed of parent concerns and/or ideas.

Article VI:


Section 1

PSTO meetings will be held a minimum once a quarter, preferably on a fixed day each month (e.g., 1st Tuesday, 2nd Wednesday, etc.). PTSO meetings will be open to all members.

Section 2

Special PTSO meetings shall be called by the President and/or two or more ExCo officers with adequate notice.

Section 3

A quorum will consist of those present. There will be one vote per PTSO member. Unless stated other- wise, PTSO decisions will be decided by majority voting.

Section 4

Executive Council (ExCo) meetings are for the elected ExCo members only. Others may attend by invitation only from an Executive Council member.

Article VII:


Section 1

Committees, standing or special, will be appointed by the ExCo as and when required.

Section 2

Each committee will make reports to the ExCo and will submit a written report on its annual activities.

Article VIII:

Amendment of By-laws

Section 1

Proposed amendments should be forwarded to the Secretary of the ExCo, who will include it on the agenda for deliberation and voting at the next PTSO meeting. These by-laws can be amended at a board meeting and approved at a general meeting of the PTSO by a simple majority vote of the quorum as defined in section IV of the by laws.

Section 2

Copies of these By-laws will be available on the school PTSO website.

Article IX:


In the event of dissolution of the PTSO, any funds that have accrued to the PTSO’s account will be placed in a school account which will be held until a new parent organization is established or as determined by the School Director and Advisory Board.


School Year 2015-2016 Minutes

School Year 2016-2017 Minutes

Location: Middle School Building G-15

  • PTSO Board Elections—October 5th, 2016 at 1:00 p.m

Dear AUS Parents,

The role of the PTSO is to help strengthen our school community. How do we achieve that? What we work on this year... what we work on next year... how we make the school a better place... it's up to us parents and your membership! There's no better cause!

We welcome you to become more involved in the PTSO and assist in our many committee opportunities. Your participation is welcomed at any level, whether it be simply becoming a member, attending a PTSO meeting, taking on a committee position or volunteering to work at a PTSO school event. The success of the PTSO relies on the consistent and enthusiastic support and involvement of our AUS parents.

"We want to make our school a great place for our kids to thrive"

The purpose of the AUS PTSO is to promote and support the educational community and the social activities of AUS. The PTSO strives to provide clear and current communication to our stakeholders. We have built strong, cooperative relationships with local area businesses as well as with our teachers and school staff. The PTSO works to enrich the educational experience for our students through a myriad of activities organized by dedicated parent volunteers.

We hope you will plan to support and volunteer at many of our events such as: Winter Wonderland, Falloween, Coffee Mornings, support to school events such as Arts Night, Field Days and other events which our students truly enjoy and help to make our school community thrive.