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Mijbil Alayoub

My name is Mijbil Alayoub and I currently work for Ooredoo as Head of Corporate Communications in charge of CSR/Sponsorships, Events Management, Internal Communications, Public Relations, Social Media and Crisis Communications focusing on maintaining a strong relationship with all stakeholder communities. I have over 24 years work experience for companies such as Equate, Zain Group and entities like KFAS and the Ministry of Information. I'm also a Board Member and Treasurer for the Kuwait Baseball and Softball organization, KBSC, recognized and supported by the Sports Authority of Kuwait.

As the President of the PTSO, I will be able to add value where it's need most, through improving the schools reputation with more community engagement/out-reach programs, enhancing the current PTSO activities, and finding new corporate sponsorship funding to support future student initiatives.

I have three children in AUS - a 1st grader, a 4th Grader and a 7th Grader, because of this i'm personally invested in the school's success. I will strive to apply my utmost in ensuring a bright future for my children and believe I can directly have a positive impact on their lives by becoming the next President of AUS's PTSO.


Liesl Cheney

My name is Liesl and I am an Austrian / South African living in Kuwait with a daughter starting Kindergarten at AUS. I am a passionate and experienced cook and baker, food stylist and photographer. This is my second year on the PTSO and I am excited for the opportunity to step up as Vice President to continue to support the positive momentum we have created for our school and children. In addition to PTSO activities, I have supported the AUS culinary programme through volunteering my time assisting Chef Bushell, Chef Robles and the students with Winter Wonderland and Arts Night events. I have really enjoyed being involved in school activities and look forward to building on the programs that exist, whilst adding new ideas and broader parent participation.


Dr. Mashael Alomar

I am an Assistant Professor who earned a Bachelors and Masters degree from Kuwait University, as well as a PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK in 2014.

I worked with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 9 years of teaching experience (3 years in the UK & 6 years in Kuwait), with a management experience and diverse skills. Versed in teaching and managing projects demonstrated by (20 years) experience.

I am a mother of 4 kids and so proud to have two of them attending AUS - one in High School and the other in Elementary. As a parent of AUS, I would like to be involved in brining the best activities to the school as a PTSO member. I believe in adding and improving, while achieving set goals, which mainly making the school a better place.


Shaikha Alshowaired

As a new member of the family , I am very excited to be given the opportunity to work with such a key year group, about whom I have heard great things. To give you some brief information about myself, I'm Shaikha Alshowaired who is also a mother of a great son who is in 4th grade. I have worked in Gulf Bank, Kuwait National Library, and Kuwait National Museum. I am looking forward to helping the parents and working as a family, and team, to get the best for our students. The year ahead will be probably the most important of your son or daughter's academic curriculum so far, and I see myself as supporting our students and family time to achieve of their very best, with the working staff and with you as parents.


Cathy Al-Obaid

Having served as PTSO President in 2018/2019 and a very proud mother of a High School Student, it is with great honor to work again on the AUS Board as the High School Representative with our esteemed community of teachers, high school students and parents who all invest in our children’s education at AUS. Looking forward to another successful year!


Eilaf Alsayed Yousef

My name is Eilaf Alsayed Yousef. I am Kuwaiti and have lived here for most of my life. I have a degree in Accounting and worked as a banker for five years before transferring to work for as Head of PR in our family's business. I love to interact and socialise with people and am enthusiastic about arranging public events. I look forward to working together to create a positive environment and community at AUS.


Rosana Bracho

My name is Rosana Bracho, and I have two daughters in AUS, one in Grade 7 and one in Kindergarten. I have been in Kuwait for 2 years now. I am a Petroleum Engineer and currently obtaining a certification in International Law and Intellectual Property. I'm passionate about everything related to new technologies and tools that can improve current processes and protocols, and also have been involved in many charitable movements and organizations that try to make the world a little bit better. Being here in Kuwait has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people from the AUS family and now it's my turn to give back and work harder for our beloved school.

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Dear AUS Parents,

The role of the PTSO is to help strengthen our school community. How do we achieve that? What we work on this year... what we work on next year... how we make the school a better place... it's up to us parents and your membership! There's no better cause!

We welcome you to become more involved in the PTSO and assist in our many committee opportunities. Your participation is welcomed at any level, whether it be simply becoming a member, attending a PTSO meeting, taking on a committee position or volunteering to work at a PTSO school event. The success of the PTSO relies on the consistent and enthusiastic support and involvement of our AUS parents.

"We want to make our school a great place for our kids to thrive"

The purpose of the AUS PTSO is to promote and support the educational community and the social activities of AUS. The PTSO strives to provide clear and current communication to our stakeholders. We have built strong, cooperative relationships with local area businesses as well as with our teachers and school staff. The PTSO works to enrich the educational experience for our students through a myriad of activities organized by dedicated parent volunteers.

We hope you will plan to support and volunteer at many of our events such as: Winter Wonderland, Falloween, Coffee Mornings, support to school events such as Arts Night, Field Days and other events which our students truly enjoy and help to make our school community thrive.

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