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Cathy AlObaid

I am a CEO of Global Opportunities General Trading and Contracting Co., and an Oil and Gas Professional who proudly has a student attending AUS now in her first year of High School.

As a Parent of AUS, an Educational Consultant, previous Teacher of English as a second language, and Business Owner, I would like to continue the work of the PTSO founders by networking with the AUS Community, providing exciting activities, learning experiences thru volunteer Ted Talks, engaging parents, educators, community and stakeholders.

My Background includes a long history of serving diverse Communities in Kuwait and globally.

As a Global Citizen I feel obligated to continuously commit to volunteering at AUS and contribute to helping provide support and the best opportunities for our children and the AUS Community at large enhancing the amazing programs to include the gifted program planned, and other activities that the PTSO has been diligently successfully in providing.

My goals; I envision an amazing year as our first graduating class at AUS, and the first opportunity to work towards our goals as Parents in supporting accreditation.


Dr. Dalal AlOmar

I have always been interested to join school boards as I have 3 kids in different grades and can make social connections with many families. I also have experience volunteering in school activities in Canada and the United States, I am a mother of 3 kids and a dentist from Kuwait. I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree in basic medical sciences and a bachelor degree in dental medicine. I completed my post graduate education at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States in the specialty of Oral Medicine with a Master of Science in Oral Biology.


Dr. Mashael Alomar

I believe in adding and improving. I also love being involved in order to achieve the aims of AUS PTSO.



Dina Al-Waheab

I have 3 kids in AUS in all three levels. It is our first year in the AUS, back from the United Kingdom! I am a Business and Organization Psychologist holding a Masters degree from Coventry University, United Kingdom. I am also a fitness instructor, so I am passionate of building the perfect minds in healthy bodies!

My main goal is developing leaders from high school to establish good citizenship and proper leadership skills from a young age.


Dr. Juliet Dinkha

Dr. Dinkha is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) since 2005. Dr. Dinkha is also a board member of the American Business Council of Kuwait (ABCK), whereby she is involved in promoting American business interests in Kuwait. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Purdue University, a Master's degree and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University. She has published various professional papers and made presentations at local and international conferences. Dr. Dinkha's research focuses on cultural issues as it relates to body image, identity, depression, violence prevention, discrimination, motivation and individual satisfaction. She teaches variety of psychology courses where she engages her students in current research projects, and offers internship and independent study opportunities for those students who are interested in a graduate career in clinical psychology. In concurrence with her teaching and research activities, Dr. Dinkha is also a psychologist at a private practice whereby she provides personal Coaching/Consultation/ Psychotherapy/Training to a diverse client population. Dr. Juliet Dinkha has had extensive clinical experiences working in the Middle East as well as the United States of America.


Liesl Cheney

I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities and experiences that international, multi-cultural upbringing affords children, and want to help in anyway to positively impact AUS and the children that attend the school, as well as the PTSO.

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Because with you we make a difference!

Dear AUS Parents,

The role of the PTSO is to help strengthen our school community. How do we achieve that? What we work on this year... what we work on next year... how we make the school a better place... it's up to us parents and your membership! There's no better cause!

We welcome you to become more involved in the PTSO and assist in our many committee opportunities. Your participation is welcomed at any level, whether it be simply becoming a member, attending a PTSO meeting, taking on a committee position or volunteering to work at a PTSO school event. The success of the PTSO relies on the consistent and enthusiastic support and involvement of our AUS parents.

"We want to make our school a great place for our kids to thrive"

The purpose of the AUS PTSO is to promote and support the educational community and the social activities of AUS. The PTSO strives to provide clear and current communication to our stakeholders. We have built strong, cooperative relationships with local area businesses as well as with our teachers and school staff. The PTSO works to enrich the educational experience for our students through a myriad of activities organized by dedicated parent volunteers.

We hope you will plan to support and volunteer at many of our events such as: Winter Wonderland, Falloween, Coffee Mornings, support to school events such as Arts Night, Field Days and other events which our students truly enjoy and help to make our school community thrive.

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